Ramping Up for GHOST TOWN’s Release & WILD MICHIGAN Production

The last days of summer are bringing hurricanes to the coast, and movies to Michigan. It is a turbulent time, both bad and good. For CDI, the path to WILD MICHIGAN has been a long and winding one.

But we’re pleased to announce that we have found our locations for the shoot, and having just received our state approval, are preparing to enter actual pre-production. This means we will soon be able to finalize various contracts needed to move the machine forward.

Official poster from Lionsgate

Official poster from Lionsgate

On a related note, type-setting for the novelization of WILD MICHIGAN, written by Lansing author Dee Freeman, will soon begin. The book will be released through Alexander Books, who also released Teaster, based on the screenplay for Dean Teaster’s GHOST TOWN THE MOVIE.

Pre-sales have begun in advance of GHOST TOWN’s October 28th release. And while GHOST TOWN co-director Jeff Kennedy prepares for WILD MICHIGAN, Dean Teaster is laying the foundation for his next project, TIMBERWOLF. For more info, see the official release that went out today.

DJ Perry and Dean Teaster on the set of Ghost Town

DJ Perry and Dean Teaster on the set of Ghost Town

If one thing’s clear, it’s that CDI has got more stories in the pipeline…


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