Happy Holidays



The holiday season is upon us, and tonight in Michigan we’re anticipating a winter storm to hit as we sleep. Whether or not we like to shovel it, scrape it off our windshields or slide around in it, it’s hard to argue against snow’s beauty. It’s been a cold and snow-covered December here as we’ve moved forward in our preproduction for WILD MICHIGAN. This extra time has allowed for broader casting choices, and has provided an unexpected new opportunity…

The chance to film TIMBERWOLF and WILD MICHIGAN back-to-back.

A first draft of the script is completed and undergoing a budget analysis. Concept art and project summaries are in the works. Here at CDI, we’re excited at the prospect of three Westerns in a row. Looks like Santa’s got CDI on his “nice” list this year!

But even with all that we have to be grateful and joyful for, there is no denying that this is a somber holiday season. With the economic recession, layoffs, shaky ground under the Big 3, bailouts and financial scandals it’s hard not to pause a little longer this year when appreciating the year behind us and looking toward the year ahead.

Best wishes for a holiday season filled with peace, joy, laughter and love. Here’s to a new year of new beginnings and new opportunities for friends old and new…


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