Spring TV dates for FIGURE IN THE FOREST

Trinity Broadcasting Network

CDI is pleased to announce that our family film FIGURE IN THE FOREST is playing on TBN. Below are the times for the first showings in April.

April 25, 2009 (9:00 pm)
April 28, 2009 (11:00 pm)
April 29, 2009 (12:00 am)

You might see some of our other family fare go out on this network. It’s wonderful to bring our stories to a wider audience.

In other news, we’re continuing to take steps to lock in casting for WILD MICHIGAN. Please stay tuned for more to come on that soon. We’re looking forward to the green light on this project as much as anyone!



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  2. Hello Friends,

    This is Marcelo from Argentina.
    Sorry if I`m bothering but I have been looking for a copy ( a DVD) of the film called “FIGURE IN THE FOREST” (2002) for many years but sadly I couldn`t find it.
    Can you help me with this?

    I know that film was aired many times in the States but not here where I live.
    Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me with this.
    My Best,

    • Hola, Marcelo! You can buy or rent FIGURE IN THE FOREST through Amazon Video On Demand. Click on Film History above, or by going straight to https://cdiproductions.com/film-history/. We’ve got links for where you can buy/rent our previous films there.

      You can also write a review of this, or any of our other films, and post it to IMDB. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0293154/

      Enjoy, and thanks for being in touch.

      All the best,
      Collective Development

      • Ok , Thank you very much for the info.

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