CDI Partners to Work on IN OUR TIME

Welcome to summer!  It’s the day after the solstice and the season of gardens, hammocks and picnics is officially upon us.  We’re continuing to make progress on the August releases for HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST.  We are wrapping up a review of proof copies and are excited about how they look — DVD menu, extras, transfer.  In a new step for CDI, we are also working on preparing a soundtrack for FIGURE IN THE FOREST.  For a combined sneak peek at the extras and soundtrack, check out the music video for “I Will Wait for You.”

DJ Perry as Benjamin in THE BOOK OF RUTH

DJ Perry as Benjamin in THE BOOK OF RUTH

In other news, CDI partners DJ Perry and Jeff Kennedy are preparing for a project outside the CDI umbrella.  B4 Tyme Entertainment Corp’s production IN OUR TIME will have Jeff in the director’s chair and DJ on the other side of the camera, playing Jesus of Nazareth.  A recent story through Michigan PR Net and interview with DJ via Michigan Movie Talent have more details on the project–check them out! As final pre-production details are finalized on that project, DJ will be in NYC with a role in a comedy.

It’s looking like it will be pretty busy here this summer.  Now, where’s that hammock?


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