You Know You Want Updates

DJ Perry & Melissa Anschutz on the set of 7 STONES

And we want to give them to you! First up, Current Projects.  7 STONES is in final stages of post production after an invitation only preview in late January. It is slated to be finished by the end of the month and several festivals are being targeted.

DARKEST NIGHT is also in the final stages of post, with producer Russ Williams now in the Philippines overseeing the theatrical cut. Screenings for distributors in LA will most likely happen sometime in April.

We also have news that LOCKED IN A ROOM is wrapping up post production as well, and a screening has been announced for May 3. More details will be announced as we have them.

Another co-production, DONORS, is in the beginning stages of post after wrapping production at the end of February. That project has been getting some good PR buzz, including some early contacts and interest from distributors. Packaging and development, including location scouting and casting, have been moving ahead on SECONDARY HEROES, SOUL EATER, RACE TO JUDGMENT and LONG ROAD HOME.

We also have news on films from the CDI Catalog. A New Video release of FIGURE IN THE FOREST, HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and AN ORDINARY KILLER is scheduled for late second quarter. We are working on dates now and will be sure to share them as soon as we have them confirmed. DEADLY RENOVATIONS is heading to the Hong Kong film market this month and the new sales trailer from our international distributor just arrived today.

The first quarter of 2012 has been a busy one and the rest of the year shows no signs of slowing down. We’ll keep you posted–keep coming back!


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