About CDI


Much like the name Collective Development Incorporated implies, this Michigan-based company was initially created in 1996 to develop screenplay properties and later launched into motion picture production.

CDI is committed to an overall concept of collective story-telling. Knowing that sometimes the best way to educate is to first entertain and then subtly bring positive messages to light, CDI strives to incorporate entertaining and meaningful content throughout every project.

CDI has produced several feature films in various genres and prides itself on the ability to draw together the tribe to create any project, regardless of the type of story being told. While early, non-signatory projects do reflect the limited budget of first films, production value has increased over the years as has our skill set, talent bank, and, yes, budget. We’re proud of where we’re headed, and where we started. We draw from a stable of highly unique, creative writers and directors for our projects.

CDI Tribal Chiefs:

Head of Production, DJ Perry

VP, Jeff Kennedy

Chief Operating Officer, Dean Teaster

Development – Melissa Anschutz

Web Marketing/IT – David Gries

Post Production Supervisor – Dennis Therrian

Legal – Eric J. Nelson, John Mashni

Contact Us:

Interested in investing in a CDI project? Contact DJ directly.

Contact the webmaster here.

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