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DJ Perry, Actor, Producer, Writer has built an amazing career in the entertainment industry. In his time as CEO of Collective Development Inc., he has overseen or assisted in the overall production of 30+ feature films in various genres and formats, both with CDI and in association with other production companies.

His award winning films such as “Wicked Spring,” “An Ordinary Killer,” and “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” have been distributed throughout the world market and have given DJ a reputation for delivering high quality product on a modest budget. In addition, he has produced major commercials for companies such as Toyota and JBL.

Several of his scripts have been produced into feature length motion pictures and two of his scripts, “Ghost Town” and “Wild Michigan” have been novelized for publication and US national distribution via Alexander Books.

As an actor he has become one of the most sought out independent leading men, sharing the screen with many legends of the entertainment industry. He does so with a humble, appreciative attitude that makes him a draw in front of and behind the camera.

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