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Chasing the Star

The year 2016 was an extremely productive year for all of us over at CDI and 2017 is looking to continue that trend. The Quest Trilogy written by CEO DJ Perry continues to be a force. The first film directed by Jesse Low enjoyed a limited release in 2016 and has been picked up by Bridgestone Multimedia Group for worldwide release on April 4th, 2017. The follow-up film in the trilogy “Chasing the Star” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqvr3PEa0qg) directed by Bret Miller is almost complete. The film will enjoy a limited theatrical showcase before a worldwide release with BMG in September 2017. The third installment “The Christ Slayer” is slated to shoot in March 2017 for an Easter 2018 release.

Beyond the trilogy the company shot the pilot feature “Wild Faith,” directed by Jesse Low. The feature film has a developing series behind it and the film is looking to release late in 2017. The film is an 1800’s story of Emmett Murphy (Shane Hagedorn), a Civil War veteran who is compelled to protect his new interracial family despite the efforts of his unforgiving neighbors. But the arrival of a traveling circus train incites the most unlikely set of events that will push everyone to the limits.

With these projects in post and several more in development 2017 is looking to be a busy year for Collective Development.


2016 First Half Recap

CDI Logo 2016

The new logo for 2016

CDI has had a productive year thus far – several films rolling out to the US/Canadian marketplace (“Donors,” “Ashes of Eden,” “Bestseller,” “40 Nights”). Some of them are now joining the iTUNES platform. The CDI associated thriller “Donors” starring Niki Saletta (7th Heaven) has been available on iTunes at


On June 7th, 2016 the biblical drama “40 Nights” starring DJ Perry, Rance Howard and Taymour Ghazi will join its soundtrack already on iTunes. The Michigan made intense thriller “Bestseller” starring Melissa Anschutz, DJ Perry and Ralph Lister is also releasing on June 7th to iTUNES and the soundtrack will release soon after.

40 Nights


40 Nights Soundtrack




“40 Nights” and the other films can also be purchased at Wal-Mart and other participating rental and retail outlets nationwide.

“Ashes of Eden”


The second film in THE QUEST TRILOGY entitled “Chasing the Star” is in editing with a scheduled Christmas 2016 theatrical release planned.



Finishing the Year at CDI

The 1st official teaser poster for "40 Nights"

The 1st official teaser poster for “40 Nights”

Official Trailer #1

It has been a very busy yet productive year here at Collective Development Inc. – Let’s look at some of the exciting updates.

– The horror/thriller “Donors” will release nationally on Feb. 2nd, 2016
– “Ashes of Eden” will worldwide release with Lightworx Entertainment on April 5th, 2016 after an exclusive run at Parables TV and the UpLifTV starting April 1st, 2016.
– The thriller “Bestseller” based upon Christopher Knight’s book has been playing theatre chains across the state of Michigan. It will continue to play theaters until it releases nationally on May 3rd, 2016.
– The associated CDI Sci-Fi film “Wasteland Tales from the desert Part 1” can be seen for FREE at https://vimeo.com/146707702
– The biggest news is we’re close to be done on the biblical-era film “40 Nights” – the 1st in the QUEST TRILOGY. The three films were signed for worldwide release with Lightworx Entertainment. The second one “Chasing the Star” will roll cameras 1st of the year once again in the Yuma, AZ area.

The 1st official teaser poster

The 1st official teaser poster

2015 – Updates

Advanced teaser for “40 Nights”

2015 has been a very productive year here at Collective Development Inc. Let’s look at some of the exciting updates.

– The horror/thriller “Donors” has been completed and is currently being presented to distributors.

– “Ashes of Eden” is adding additional theatrical showings leading up to the October 2015 worldwide release with Lightworx Entertainment.

– The thriller “Bestseller” based upon Christopher Knight’s book is about to premiere in May 2015 and theatrical showings will start in June 2015. Several DVD release parties are also being planned.

– The associated CDI Sci-Fi film “Wasteland Tales from the desert Part 1” is now complete and the film will start playing genre festivals this year. Also the remaining parts of the feature will enter into development so stay tuned for casting info.

– The biggest news is the recent conclusion of principal photography on the biblical-era film “40 Nights” in Yuma, AZ. The film was signed for worldwide release with Lightworx Entertainment.

A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Happy New Year, friends! It’s exciting to start a new year, full of promise and possibilities. As we prepare to move forward into the year that lies ahead, we’d like to look back at what we achieved in 2014–some of those achievements will carry forward into 2015 as well.

Both ASHES OF EDEN (in association with New House Entertainment and Ahptic Productions) and DONORS (in association with Paisaen Productions) are releasing in 2015 with Winters Film Group.

BESTSELLER (in association with Misery Bay Films and Lake Street Media) is in post-production and we are planning a 2015 release. Have you seen the teaser trailer?

WASTELAND: TALES FROM THE DESERT (in association with Gray Day Film) just wrapped shooting on Part I in Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park.

CDI’s original debut feature, KNIGHT CHILLS, is being novelized by genre author David Hayes; the book and movie will be packaged for a 2015 release. In other news related to KNIGHT CHILLS, a sequel is in development!

Thank you for your support over the past year. Stats for our site show that we have visitors from more than 70 countries. We’re proud that we have such a wide reach and are looking forward to a 2015 that we can all celebrate.

In Michigan Theaters

GR AOESummer is in full-swing here in Michigan. Gardens are green, days are long, and lightning bugs are flashing. Summer is also a movie season, and CDI’s associated production ASHES OF EDEN will be screening at Celebration! Cinema in Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan. After a sold-out premiere at the Capital City Film Festival, we are excited to be bringing this project to a wider audience.

Lansing: July 11-20 | Get showtimes and tickets

Grand Rapids: July 14-August 4 | Get showtimes and tickets

Currently, merchandise [t-shirts, DVDs, posters] will be available at the Lansing location only.

Want to see a review? Check out this one.

We’ll also be doing a few days of pick-up shots for another associated project, BESTSELLER. This will mean being at a lake in northern Michigan in late July. What could be more perfect?

Want a sneak peek? Since you asked…

A Winter Made for Working Indoors: Distribution & Post

There’s no doubt about it. This winter has been one for the record books. Here in Michigan we’ve had ice, snow, wind, well-below zero temps and then more of the same. We’ve had snow covering the ground since the winter solstice and we’ve been holed up inside waiting for the spring thaw. Lucky for us there’s work to be done indoors in this business!

The CDI associated film BESTSELLER wrapped production at the beginning of November and is now in editing. Another associated film, LOCKED IN A ROOM, released in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland this week (Feb. 21) in a deal brokered by CDI Distribution. DARKEST NIGHT, another CDI associated film, will release in the same territories next month (Mar. 28) and was released on huluPLUS early this month. Last, but certainly not least, ASHES OF EDEN is wrapping up post-production and a premiere is in the works.

Finally, we’ve added a new member to the CDI tribe. Mr. John Mashni has been brought onboard to work directly with CEO, DJ Perry to work in various aspects of development, production and distribution. Mr. Mashni currently practices law at Foster, Swift, Collins & Swift, P.C. and his practice includes corporate law, tax law, intellectual property, estate planning, and entertainment law.

John was selected because of his previous experience in the film, television, music, and publishing industries. He loves working with creative individuals who have a vision to share and a story to tell.

“I think that Collective Development Inc. represents the professional quality and ambition that the State of Michigan requires in pioneering our growing industry, and DJ Perry is a rare person who can balance a strong business sense with the desire to craft great art,” says John.

“John brings a unique perspective to the practice of law with his experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and manager,” adds DJ.

Currently John is assisting overseas business negotiations between CDI and various foreign companies.

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