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CDI can provide marketing and creative collateral (photos, posters, press releases) in addition to commercial videos. Let us help you find the right solutions to tell your story and market your products or services.

CDI’s Commercial Division headed by COO Dean West entered the market with a cutting edge automotive commercial. The Detroit Auto Show unveiled a dual promotional commercial presentation for JBL and Toyota International.

Harman Kardon International used Collective Development in their pursuit for an innovative way of presenting their product line offered in Toyota vehicles. Collective Development created this presentation from the concept through state-of-the-art special effects and delivered a visual product worthy of all Toyota executives receiving a personal copy.

CDI also has the skills, know-how and talent base to develop music videos. The video for Paul Proios’s original song “Red Mountain” features Paul’s editing and directing of his own performance footage intermixed with GHOST TOWN footage co-directed by CDI’s Jeff Kennedy and Dean Teaster. CDI can leverage their relationships with talented directors, editors and artists for projects of various genres, styles and budgets.

Collective Development offers cutting edge commercial production with Hollywood style.

“We bring years of movie making experience into the commercial arena. Our products stand out with state-of-the-art creativity. We are excited about this new venture and will carefully select our clients as being consumers wanting high-end Hollywood production value in their product or service presentation.”
-CEO, DJ Perry.

Want CDI to do some commercial work for you? Contact DJ Perry directly.

Additional Clients:


Another recent client is the Non Ferrous Founders’ Society ( out of Chicago. A 12-minute informative video was produced for their existing clients, such as the U.S. NAVY, and to recruit new clientele. Our most recent project was a second video for NFFS.

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