Head of Development

CEO, DJ Perry

Commercial and Marketing Division

CDI Television — Coming Soon!

Animation Division (Thundertoad Animation)

Steve Young, Project Manager

  • The Patchwork Girl of Oz (view trailer here)
  • Untitled Animated Project 2

LionHeart FilmWorks

As of December 2008, former LionHeart FilmWorks LLC partners DJ Perry and Curtis Hall have traded their holdings in LionHeart FilmWorks LLC to President Kevin Hershberger. In exchange, they acquired all of Mr. Hershberger and LionHeart FilmWorks LLC’s holdings in the motion picture Wicked Spring. The film is no longer connected to LionHeart FilmWorks LLC except by grandfather clause billing. The property will continue to be managed by Collective Development Inc. but any other questions or concerns about other LionHeart FilmWorks LLC projects should be directed to Mr. Hershberger.

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