BESTSELLER in Production in Northern Michigan


PETOSKEY, MICH. — Legendary actress Lana Wood and two other seasoned, L.A.-based actors have joined the cast of the suspense-thriller “Bestseller.”

The feature-length film, which is Michigan Film Office approved, is based upon the adult novel “Bestseller,” written in 2001 and released in 2002 by Michigan author Christopher Knight, who is best known for his children’s book series “Michigan Chillers” and “American Chillers,” which he writes under the pseudonym Johnathan Rand.

“Bestseller” was initially a smaller production in scope when it rolled camera in July, but the cast and crew have reset and will begin production in and around Petoskey Oct. 14-Nov. 2.

Lake Street Media of Petoskey has partnered with Collective Development Incorporated (CDI) of Lansing, along with Knight’s company Misery Bay Films, to produce the project.

Christina Rohn of Lake Street Media and the new director of “Bestseller” is excited to welcome Wood, Nichols and Knox to the already spectacular cast.

“We are so honored and humbled to have these seasoned actors joining our project,” Rohn said. “The level of talent we have accumulated thus far is phenomenal and I’m confident in the art we will create together.”

Wood is the younger sister of Natalie Wood and is best known for her work in John Ford’s western classic “The Searchers,” playing opposite John Wayne and Natalie Wood; as well as the 1971 James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever,” in which she played the femme fatale Plenty O’Toole opposite Sean Connery.

Wood said she is looking forward to the experience of working on “Bestseller.”

“I love Michigan,” she said. “The story is great and I’m thrilled to be joining the cast.”

Also attaching themselves to the project, alongside Wood, are L.A.-based actors Taylor Nichols and Terence Knox.

Nichols is a native of Lansing, Mich., who is best known for his roles in “Jurassic Park III,” “Congo,” “Boiler Room” and “The Big Easy.” He has also played supporting roles in well-known television shows such as “Modern Family,” “Criminal Minds,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Monk,” “24,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and more.

Knox is known for his starring roles in classic TV series such as “Tour of Duty” and “St. Elsewhere.” In addition, he has previously co-starred in the CDI film “An Ordinary Killer” and its Lionsgate-released western “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town.”

“Bestseller” is a film about Chicago literary agent, Anne Harper, who vacations to a cabin in a remote area of the Upper Peninsula. While there, she receives an unexpected manuscript on her doorstep. It is from wannabe author, Gerald Morgan, whom she has refused to sign with her agency on numerous occasions. The manuscript — “Bestseller” — is written with Harper in mind. It is about a successful literary agent who is stalked, tortured and killed by a disgruntled author while vacationing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. As Harper reads through the manuscript, she begins to realize that the story isn’t quite fiction — it’s about to become her reality.

Starring in the film are CDI producers and actors DJ Perry and Melissa Anschutz, as well as Ralph Lister and Petoskey native Remi Dunkel.

Petoskey native and owner of Lake Street Media, Scott Castelein, will lend his talent to the project as director of photography.

Announcing a New Association with Lake Street Media and Misery Bay Films

Contact: Collective Development Inc. /Production Co.

Lansing, Mich.
Aug. 2, 2013


LANSING — Established Michigan author Christopher Knight of Misery Bay Films, LLC, and his production partners of Lake Street Media of Petoskey are joining forces with Collective Development Inc., of Lansing to resume camera roll on the feature film “Bestseller.”

The film, which is based upon Knight’s adult novel “Bestseller,” written in 2001 and released throughout Michigan in 2002, began production on July 15 in Petoskey, Mich., with a company move to Detour, Mich. on July 18.

Throughout production, the cast and crew were met with several unforeseen challenges. On July 23, an executive decision was made to suspend production and make a change in management due to schedule and budgetary issues.

It was determined that forging ahead would have compromised the integrity of the project.

Since the suspension, Knight and his production partners from Lake Street Media began their due diligence to forge ahead with the project and came across Collective Development Inc., a seasoned Michigan production company, which has seen 30 feature films to completion and distribution.

Discussion between the three parties began, and a partnership was formed. Pre-Production on the project will resume on Oct. 1 without compromise in continuity of current footage.
“Bestseller” is about Chicago literary agent Anne Harper, who vacations to a remote cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. While there, unbeknownst to her, a disgruntled writer is waiting in the shadows to seek his revenge.

For more information on “Bestseller,” visit To purchase Knight’s books, visit For more information about Lake Street Media, visit

New CDI Distribution Makes First Licensing Deals


For Immediate Release – July 03, 2013

Lansing, Michigan – Collective Development Inc., a multi-genre production company, was created in 1996 in Michigan’s capital city of Lansing by DJ Perry & Jeff Kennedy. The company has been producing a steady stream of feature films and releasing to the world market. The company has produced material in almost every genre and has recently formed CDI Distribution, a division of the parent company whose mission is to direct license CDI and CDI associated content.

The company has recently licensed two of its film properties to Parables Network, a U.S. family/faith network. One property “Figure in the Forest,” is a drama about a couple trying to put their life together after the tragic loss of their son. The film was directed by Jeff Kennedy and stars Dean Teaster, Mary Jo Cuppone and DJ Perry. The other film is a Civil War drama “Wicked Spring,” directed by Kevin R. Hershberger and stars Brian Merrick and DJ Perry.

Additionally the new CDI Distribution has made their 1st international licensing deal on three films to the MIG Film Group based in Germany. They will distribute to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The first film licensed is the above-mentioned Civil War film “Wicked Spring”. Additionally licensed was the “found footage” supernatural horror film “Darkest Night”.  This CDI associated film was produced with Gothic Pictures International. It was directed by Noel Tan and stars DJ Perry & French/Philippine actress Anne Gauthier. “Darkest Night” releases domestically in USA/Canada this July. The third licensed property is a tense thriller “Locked in a Room” produced with At Risk Entertainment. Larry Simmons directs and the film stars Robert Miano, DJ Perry and Lindsey Sullivan. The German based MIG Film Group had previously distributed the horror hit “The 8th Plague,” starring DJ Perry. MIG Film Group has signed a pre-distribution deal to also release the prequel “Soul Eater” slated to shoot this winter in Michigan.

Collective Development Inc. has a strong branding as a production company and is highly sought after to associate and assist filmmakers moving from the festival circuit into the mainstream distribution.

“We choose our associated partnerships carefully. They must have their own funding and the ability to communicate effectively in a professional collaborative setting.”

– DJ Perry, CEO Collective Development Inc.

Other CDI/CDI Associated projects coming to market soon include the power drama “Ashes of Eden,” the thriller “Donors” and the reality show “Supermodel Showdown, the Costa Rican Adventure”.

From ASHES to Snow

DJ Perry and Shane Hagedorn on the set of ASHES OF EDEN

DJ Perry and Shane Hagedorn on the set of ASHES OF EDEN

As we mentioned last time, CDI closed 2012 by wrapping the filming of an associated project ASHES OF EDEN. Post-production is moving smoothly. Check out the teaser here for a glimpse at what’s to come. It was fun filming here in our home state of Michigan. Portland, Ionia, and our home base city of Lansing were all locations and none of them disappointed us in front of or behind the camera.

It looks like 2013 will see our next project also filming right here in Michigan. We’re not ready to say more about it quite yet, but we are starting to look at some casting. Check out the information here under Work with CDI for details.

Another associated project that we hope you’ve been keeping an eye on is LOCKED IN A ROOM. In a test run, this thriller climbed to #12 on Google Play’s horror list. The official release date is March 7, so look for it through your favorite video on demand provider.

We also have a new release date for DARKEST NIGHT. In our last update, we listed it as March 22, 2013 .To accommodate a potential limited theatrical release, it has been pushed to July 24, 2013.

In non-movie news, a huge snow storm–and in some areas blizzard–has been making its way across the country. The local weather underestimated how much we would get, and this morning the ground was covered with a fresh fluffy blanket. If you have some (or a lot!) hopefully you are staying warm, driving safe, and maybe even finding some time to play in it. Winter’s going to end before we know it, and then we have another movie to make.

2012: CDI’s Year in Review

It has been a productive year here at CDI. Several of our associated films have been completed and started their release or are slated for a 2013 release. The last film we produced, ASHES OF EDEN, took us right up to the holidays. It is now in editing and a teaser is soon to be released.

DONORS is just coming out of editing and moving over to sound design music composing. Our own post supervisor Mr. Dennis Therrian will do the score. A first look teaser and promotional art was released in December 2012. Mr. Charles Pisaeno was our director on this project.

DARKEST NIGHT was edited down to a release cut and premiered at the FACINE US/Philippine film festival to great applause. The film is signed for US release with Midnight Releasing on March 22, 2013. South Korea and other foreign territories are also being set up for release. The film was directed by Noel Tan.

LOCKED IN A ROOM enjoyed some theatrical play before being signed to an exciting domestic distributor. Look for release art, trailer and announcement of street date very SOON!

7 STONES–this Telly Award winning drama enjoyed a Michigan TV premiere in December. It will now be shopped for TV distribution worldwide in 2013.

DEADLY RENOVATIONS, released 4th quarter with Midnight Releasing, just announced their 1st foreign sale to Scandinavian for early in 2013.

CDI’s DJ Perry also had producer participation in the short film REALIZISM (theatrical/DVD release in April 2013) and the acclaimed feature BENJAMIN, which played several NYC festivals and most recently the Cairo Film Festival in Egypt. BOOK OF RUTH, JOURNEY OF FAITH has continued to sell around the world. In 2013 the company plans to release many more of its films into TV and foreign markets while developing an exciting slate of films for new production.

Thank you to all the cast, crew, and fans that helped make 2012 a little brighter. Here’s looking to another bright new year ahead. Lights!

Capital City All-Star Motion Picture Team Up!

Shane Hagedorn

For Immediate Release – August 2012
Lansing, Michigan, USA

Three Lansing, Michigan area filmmakers join to produce ASHES OF EDEN, a dramatic feature length film. Writer and director Shane Hagedorn united two media powerhouse companies that have been making their mark on the national/international stage.

Ahptic Productions is a commercial giant in the Lansing area that boasts corporate clients like Audi, MTV, Wells Fargo and high profile clients such as Miley Cyrus and Nelly Furtado. Collective Development Inc. is a Lansing based motion picture company whose films have been released with major studios like Lionsgate, E1 and networks like ABC, NBC, Comcast, and TBN with six feature films coming out this year alone. Shane Hagedorn has produced and acted in other award winning films shot in Michigan. This is his second feature film as writer, director, and producer. He will also act in ASHES.

The film is in pre-production, with Ahptic co-owner and director of photography Dominic Cochran bringing his company’s state of the art production gear and his camera skills. Collective Development Inc. president DJ Perry is bringing his producing skill set and front of the camera talent. CDI has already brought interest from Fontana, a division of Universal Music, in the soundtrack. Perry, who has starred in nearly 50 films, is also pulling upon his international talent base to assist in casting and will set up the worldwide distribution. Shane Hagedorn has truly brought together the best of the best in Mid-Michigan and together Lansing will once again shine when ASHES OF EDEN rolls cameras this fall.

Deadly Renovations Coming August 21!

Exciting news for CDI co-productions here in the middle of the third quarter. We’ve been keeping you posted on the progress of DEADLY RENOVATIONS and are happy to announce that it will be released to rental and retail outlets on August 21! You can find it at Blockbuster, Hastings, and on Netflix. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now. Get movies somewhere else? Look for it there.  Want to read a review first? Check out this one on Alien Bee. (In case you missed it, catch CDI’s own DJ Perry in his recent interview too.)

Negotiations for distribution rights are underway for LOCKED IN A ROOM. Check out the trailer!

Our first internationally associated project, DARKEST NIGHT, is currently in talks for worldwide rights. A planned, pre-Christmas theatrical release is being set up in the Philippines and possibly other territories, such as South Korea. New CDI and GPI associated projects are in active development and we are looking forward to continuing to build our bridge between east and west audiences.

But, not all of the CDI work is far afield. An associated project that will shoot right here at home in Michigan is beginning pre-production. More details on that coming soon.

We’ll be back here with more updates soon, but until then, enjoy these summer days as we prepare to slide into 2012’s fourth quarter!