The CDI Tribe is at it again in the dramedy ‘Best Years Gone’ – Our story follows the post glory life for middle-aged, dreamer, slacker and former race car driver Gil Gilles. After several years of destructive behavior, Gil is devoid of any real friends or family save the equally destructive ‘love of his life’ Sylvia. This challenging relationship is further strained by Sylvia’s twin daughters who have been victimized by a string of Sylvia’s past boyfriends and want no part of Gil. True love, family, forgiveness, dreams and drama all play into this quirky tale directed by Shane Hagedorn from a script by DJ Perry.

Official Behind the Scenes Video

Thank you to our Cast, Crew, Curwood Publishing and our Sponsors for helping to make this journey possible. 

DJ Perry
Erika Hoveland
Erika Hoveland as SYLVIA
Talent Headshot for Melissa Anschutz
Melissa Anschutz as MANDY
Talent Headshot for Shane Hagedorn
Shane Hagedorn as IKE GILLES
Terence Knox
Terance Knox as IZZY
Talent Headshot for Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson as MRS. PAT
Lana Wood as EDITH

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