The “40 Nights” script is an in-depth character story about one of the most known, questioned and mysterious figures in human history. While many films are being produced that illustrate the teachings of Jesus and his ministry, little is known of his personal life and story prior. Traditional teachings shed some light on his birth, yet even that holds question as to when and where; the exact details. We know next to nothing of his day to day interactions as a child; therefore in our telling of his story, we applied common events and themes that unfold in the average upbringing. Our story differs than most in that; we focused on a small piece of the Jesus saga that is often glossed over. We begin with the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and take it through his quest into the wilderness. It is there that Jesus reflects upon his upbringing and the events that shaped his life. It is there he is tempted by the Devil and it is there he must strengthen himself for the real journey ahead.

Our cast

We are to proud to have a very talented cast and crew of artists on board to help us bring his story to life. 

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"40 Nights" is the first of the QUEST TRILOGY - films sharing alike themes of sacrifice and faith. These films focus on less known events from the biblical age. The first film examines the pre-ministry life of Jesus (DJ Perry) starting with his baptism with John the Baptist (Terry Jernigan). From there Jesus embarks on his self- exploration journey into the wilderness for 40 nights. He is tempted by the Devil thrice in various forms. Audiences will be treated to a stronger portrayal of Jesus that peeks at his childhood and family upbringing. The result is a Jesus that invokes empathy and sheds light on the true magnitude of his sacrifice for mankind.