lost heart

Lost Heart tells the story of Hannah Sweet, a burnt out, mega-music star, returns to her small Northern Michigan hometown of Lost Heart, for her estranged father’s funeral. There she will confront the ghosts of her past and perhaps find her peace and balance once again.

Talent Headshot for Don Most
Don Most as Milo Williams
Talent Headshot for Melissa Anschutz
Melissa Anschutz as Hannah Sweet
Talent Headshot for Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson as Alma Howard
Talent Headshot for Josh Perry
Josh Perry as Chip Howard
Talent Headshot for Christine Marie
Christine Marie as Verna Howard
Talent Headshot for Taylor Dupuis
Taylor Dupuis as Elsie Howard
Talent Headshot for DJ Perry
DJ Perry as Niles Cass
Talent Headshot for Shane Hagedorn
Shane Hagedorn as Sterling Langworthy
Talent Headshot for Dean Teaster
Dean Teaster as Harrison Howard
Talent Headshot for David Gries
David Gries as Young Harrison Howard
Talent Headshot for Lauren LaStrada
Lauren LaStrada as Gayle Jones

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