Wild Faith

The film and developing TV series portrays life in 1800’s Michigan, focusing on a Civil War vet trying to make peace with his losses and start a new life despite the world resisting change around him.

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Coming to theaters March 23!

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Wild Faith at Celebration Cinema Woodland Mall

Enjoy multiple showtimes of the award winning WILD FAITH

          March 22-28, 2019

          March 24-28, 2019

Meet the cast


Shane Hagedorn


Lauren LaStrada


Joe Cipriano


Xylia Jenkins


Lana Wood


Darby Hinton

Ben Lily

DJ Perry

Hester Thickett

Melissa Anschutz

The Making of:

A film is a journey: from concept to completion to Silver Screen. Come along for a look behind the scenes of the making of WILD FAITH.