Springing into ACTION!

That’s right, spring is in the air and that means new growth is everywhere, including here at CDI. We’re in the studio working on post-production for Director Tony Hornus’s Afghanistan project “Outside the Wire.” The footage continues to amaze us every day and we can’t wait to for all of you to see it. (May 8 Update: If you’re interested in knowing more about “Outside the Wire,” please see our Executive Summary.) We’re also hard at work on pre-production for “Wild Michigan.” With the new Michigan film incentives, we’re confident the film industry here in our home base will contribute to significant growth in the region and industry alike.

Keep coming back, and leave comments for us if you’re interested. We’d like to hear from you. For now, here’s a peek at Tony’s trip to Afghanistan.

CDI goes international?

Welcome to the second month of 2008! It’s off to a great start for CDI. What’s new?

DJ Perry is in India, acting. True to form, DJ is working, relaxing, and working. While the project isn’t a CDI film, he’s making strong international contacts and says:

“Sanjeev and Dhiraj the owners of Golden Ticket Films and I have become great friends. Evenings talking about film production. . . Vivek [producer] joined us for several days and we have discussed the US distribution plans and the future of possible CDI and Golden Ticket projects. The cast and crew is truly international with an Italian DP, Austrian on-set editor, UK sound and make up departments and actors from Germany, America and of course India.”

In other international CDI news, Tony Hornus and his cameraman, Gregg McNeill have gotten permission from the Pentagon to be embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan for Tony’s “Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan” project.  Their window for deployment is sometime between Jan. 31 and Feb. 7.  They’ll be hitching a ride on an Air Force transport and will be in Afghanistan between 14-21 days.  Wish them well!

On the home front, there’s exciting news with Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town: The Movie.”  Just before DJ left for India in mid-January, the contract for domestic licensing and distribution was signed.  With whom?  We can’t tell you yet until the official PR release comes out through the distributor.  We CAN tell you that it’s the largest CDI distribution deal to date…

2008 is shaping up to be quite a year.  Stay warm and dry and keep coming back for more CDI news!