CDI’s fall harvest

Renovation PosterThe fall harvest may just be upon us as several projects come to a point of fruition. While we celebrate the September release of  HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST, we are also looking forward to the October 23 premiere of CDI co-production RENOVATION. CDI tribal chiefs DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Anthony Hornus can each be seen in the film and will be in Yuma, AZ to attend the premiere events.

Our other recent co-production LOCKED IN A ROOM recently completed a pick-up shoot and is rumored to be screening at AFM (American Film Market).

On another front, the CDI production team will be together this week for a look at the final cut of OUTSIDE THE WIRE. Stay tuned for more on that project as it moves to the next step.

At work in Yuma

Renovation Poster What’s in Yuma?  CDI!  We’re currently filming the thriller RENOVATION in association with Pisaeno Productions and Rampant Entertainment.  DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Tony Hornus are all contributing their acting talents, and if you know DJ, you know that he’s almost always producing. It’s a movie-making adventure in Arizona!

We know, we know, we’ve been pretty quiet the last few months.  Never fear, we’re still here and making progress on many fronts.  More updates soon…  (And if you’re into fear, RENOVATION is going to be right up your alley.)

Ramping Up for GHOST TOWN’s Release & WILD MICHIGAN Production

The last days of summer are bringing hurricanes to the coast, and movies to Michigan. It is a turbulent time, both bad and good. For CDI, the path to WILD MICHIGAN has been a long and winding one.

But we’re pleased to announce that we have found our locations for the shoot, and having just received our state approval, are preparing to enter actual pre-production. This means we will soon be able to finalize various contracts needed to move the machine forward.

Official poster from Lionsgate

Official poster from Lionsgate

On a related note, type-setting for the novelization of WILD MICHIGAN, written by Lansing author Dee Freeman, will soon begin. The book will be released through Alexander Books, who also released Teaster, based on the screenplay for Dean Teaster’s GHOST TOWN THE MOVIE.

Pre-sales have begun in advance of GHOST TOWN’s October 28th release. And while GHOST TOWN co-director Jeff Kennedy prepares for WILD MICHIGAN, Dean Teaster is laying the foundation for his next project, TIMBERWOLF. For more info, see the official release that went out today.

DJ Perry and Dean Teaster on the set of Ghost Town

DJ Perry and Dean Teaster on the set of Ghost Town

If one thing’s clear, it’s that CDI has got more stories in the pipeline…

New Year, New Website

Welcome to the new online face of CDI. We’ll continue adding content and updates with progress on current projects, so keep coming back if you want to know what we’re up to. You know you want to know what we’re up to!

Right now we’re busy juggling a few different projects in active development:

  • Negotiating a deal to license Ghost Town for domestic and international distribution
  • Doing stateside filming for Outside the Wire–a documentary project from the mind of Tony Hornus
  • Working on a new Jeff Kennedy sword and sorcery tale
  • Developing a treatment for a new Dean Teaster Western yet to be announced
  • Researching and putting together a business plan for a new Civil War project

The CDI tribe will be active around the world in 2008, so don’t go away…