Welcome, Winter!

Director Robert Gwinn, Co-Star Shawn Rougeron, and DJ Perry at the RENOVATION premiere

It’s finally really snowing here in Michigan and we’re taking time to catch up and let all of you know what we’ve been up to the last few months.

CDI was hired in October by our associate Jim Leggett to produce the horror feature SILVER LAKE.  That project kept us busy for almost a month–some filming was completed and the remaining portions will be filmed in 2011. DJ and Tony Hornus both took a short break during production to attend the RENOVATION premiere in Yuma.

In early November, almost immediately after coming home from the SILVER LAKE shoot, DJ was on his way to Las Vegas for a co-starring role in a film shooting there. Since he returned home just before Thanksgiving, he and the rest of the CDI tribe have been focusing on other fronts.

Co-productions continue to move ahead.  Both RENOVATION and OUTSIDE THE WIRE will be sent out to distributors after the first of the year. A few festival screenings prior to release are a definite possibility for both movies.  LOCKED IN A ROOM is in final audio post-production but first looks are powerful and haunting.

We’ve also been firing up our commercial division and are producing promotional pieces for a few new clients. It’s a fun change of pace for our creative team.

Our newly mastered HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST are being held because of an opportunity to release with a major studio. Stay tuned for that announcement after the first of the year.

In the meantime, we’re wishing you and yours a very merry holiday season.

CDI’s fall harvest

Renovation PosterThe fall harvest may just be upon us as several projects come to a point of fruition. While we celebrate the September release of  HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST, we are also looking forward to the October 23 premiere of CDI co-production RENOVATION. CDI tribal chiefs DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Anthony Hornus can each be seen in the film and will be in Yuma, AZ to attend the premiere events.

Our other recent co-production LOCKED IN A ROOM recently completed a pick-up shoot and is rumored to be screening at AFM (American Film Market).

On another front, the CDI production team will be together this week for a look at the final cut of OUTSIDE THE WIRE. Stay tuned for more on that project as it moves to the next step.

New Release Date – Sept. 7

Heaven's Neighbors posterA quick update regarding the release dates for FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS — we just got word that the official street date for both films has been pushed to Sept. 7. However, various outlets will begin selling the films in August as originally scheduled. Stay tuned for more news as we get it!

August Releases

Summer has been really heating up, but the hot news here is the release of two CDI films on August 24: FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS. Check out those pages for a look behind the scenes, links to Facebook sites and more. We’re also excited to announce the soundtrack release for FIGURE IN THE FOREST — the first for a CDI project. You can even get ringtones!

While most of our focus has been on gearing up for these releases, we have continued to make progress on other fronts as well, but we’ll save those updates for another day. For more on what CEO DJ Perry has been up to (with CDI and other projects) check out his Aug. 9 interview on The Independent Corner, Blog Talk Radio.

CDI Partners to Work on IN OUR TIME

Welcome to summer!  It’s the day after the solstice and the season of gardens, hammocks and picnics is officially upon us.  We’re continuing to make progress on the August releases for HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST.  We are wrapping up a review of proof copies and are excited about how they look — DVD menu, extras, transfer.  In a new step for CDI, we are also working on preparing a soundtrack for FIGURE IN THE FOREST.  For a combined sneak peek at the extras and soundtrack, check out the music video for “I Will Wait for You.”

DJ Perry as Benjamin in THE BOOK OF RUTH

DJ Perry as Benjamin in THE BOOK OF RUTH

In other news, CDI partners DJ Perry and Jeff Kennedy are preparing for a project outside the CDI umbrella.  B4 Tyme Entertainment Corp’s production IN OUR TIME will have Jeff in the director’s chair and DJ on the other side of the camera, playing Jesus of Nazareth.  A recent story through Michigan PR Net and interview with DJ via Michigan Movie Talent have more details on the project–check them out! As final pre-production details are finalized on that project, DJ will be in NYC with a role in a comedy.

It’s looking like it will be pretty busy here this summer.  Now, where’s that hammock?

Approaching Memorial Day

Figure in the Forest PosterWe’re closing in on Memorial Day, which informally marks the beginning of summer.  For all of us, whether or not we’ve had family members in the military, it’s a time to stop and reflect on those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country.  And while we look forward to the three-day weekend ahead, some will use that time to start and finish projects, relax and have fun with friends and family, and travel.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, here at CDI we’re both looking ahead at future projects (WILD MICHIGAN and more), and looking back at our film history as we gear up for new releases.  FIGURE IN THE FOREST will hit the streets on August 10, while HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS follows on its heels August 24.  You can find both films on Facebook, and we’ve posted some great behind the scenes video.

Heaven's Neighbors posterCDI co-production LOCKED IN A ROOM has been represented at the Cannes Film Market which ends today and we’re looking forward to feedback as we strategize next steps.  (Check out LOCKED IN A ROOM on Facebook too!) In other co-production news, the RENOVATION rough cut is nearly finished and the footage that we’ve seen so far has been looking great.

Before we can settle in to the long Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got a battle of our own to fight in California this week.  So, we’ll be traveling back as the weekend begins.  We wish all of you productive days and safe journeys.

Spring Developments

Things are really blooming here in Michigan as we enjoy what seems like an early spring.  It’s just past the middle of April and lilacs are beginning to bud and some are even opening!  We at CDI are seeing some great budding developments as well.

DJ Perry with Ernie Hudson

DJ Perry with Ernie Hudson at Night of 100 Stars

Projects in development are really heating up and we’ve made some needed updates to our Current Projects.  We’ve got interest from Ernie Hudson’s management for a role in A STATE OF HATE. Check out the article on 28 Days Later Analysis.  Some exciting talks are also underway for HOLLY, JINGLES & CLYDE. After a final weekend of shooting LOCKED IN A ROOM, we’re in serious talks with Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly for the role of Thelma for WILD MICHIGAN, which brings that project closer to being back in production.

As for LOCKED IN A ROOM, production has officially wrapped and has signed on with Worldwide Film Entertainment who will be taking the project to the Cannes Film Market.  Check out today’s articles from 28 Days Later Analysis and The Geek Files.

We’ve also got some new release dates for other projects.  At a glance:




September 21 – JUDGES [Special Edition]

It’s almost time to plant the garden and soon we’ll be reaping what we sow.  CDI is looking forward to a good harvest!