The Year of Co-Productions

DJ Perry interviewed during press junket for DARKEST NIGHTWhere has the year gone? The winter solstice is almost upon us, and we are overdue for an update. CDI chief DJ Perry is recently back from a second trip to the Philippines. A press junket and the premiere of CDI’s first international co-production, DARKEST NIGHT, had him interacting with the international press and film scene in Manila. The director’s cut of the film was well-received at the premiere and further editing and post-production is underway for the theatrical version. The official DARKEST NIGHT website is now live, so check it out for more details on that project.

Another co-production has had a title change–RENOVATION is now DEADLY RENOVATIONS. This change comes as part of its distribution deal. U.S. theatrical release in select markets will be done by Nocturnal Features. Midnight Releasing will handle domestic distribution and Acort International will manage foreign sales.

After a series of successful screenings of  co-production OUTSIDE THE WIRE, distribution deals are under consideration and further screenings are being planned into 2012. Maybe we could call 2011 “the year of co-productions.”

On a more somber note, we have to mention the death of Bill McKinney on December 1. We were honored to have worked with Bill on GHOST TOWN. As news of his passing spread throughout the CDI tribe, we all shared fond memories of our time together in North Carolina. Rest in peace, friend.

International & National Associations for CDI

Darkest Night concept posterDJ Perry, actor, producer and CDI’s CEO, is back in the U.S. after nearly 3 weeks in the Philippines working on CDI’s first international associated project, DARKEST NIGHT. Production is wrapped and the film is currently in post-production. National and international distribution deals are in the works and DARKEST NIGHT will have a fall premiere in the Philippines.

CDI has also licensed photos and footage from Dean Teaster’s GHOST TOWN to Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey. Cast as a mountain man moonshiner in the film, Popcorn Sutton faced a real prison sentence for making illegal whiskey and sadly took his own life. However, Popcorn’s legacy and recipe live on. We are honored and proud to have worked with and known Popcorn. We share a commitment to the honesty of the product and hope to work on additional marketing efforts in the future.

Speaking of Dean Teaster’s GHOST TOWN, if you haven’t yet had a chance to see the “Red Mountain” music video for Paul Proios’s original song, check it out! CDI is open to moving into more music video projects. Contact DJ directly if you are interested in discussing any potential commercial work, including music videos.

Ramping Up for GHOST TOWN’s Release & WILD MICHIGAN Production

The last days of summer are bringing hurricanes to the coast, and movies to Michigan. It is a turbulent time, both bad and good. For CDI, the path to WILD MICHIGAN has been a long and winding one.

But we’re pleased to announce that we have found our locations for the shoot, and having just received our state approval, are preparing to enter actual pre-production. This means we will soon be able to finalize various contracts needed to move the machine forward.

Official poster from Lionsgate

Official poster from Lionsgate

On a related note, type-setting for the novelization of WILD MICHIGAN, written by Lansing author Dee Freeman, will soon begin. The book will be released through Alexander Books, who also released Teaster, based on the screenplay for Dean Teaster’s GHOST TOWN THE MOVIE.

Pre-sales have begun in advance of GHOST TOWN’s October 28th release. And while GHOST TOWN co-director Jeff Kennedy prepares for WILD MICHIGAN, Dean Teaster is laying the foundation for his next project, TIMBERWOLF. For more info, see the official release that went out today.

DJ Perry and Dean Teaster on the set of Ghost Town

DJ Perry and Dean Teaster on the set of Ghost Town

If one thing’s clear, it’s that CDI has got more stories in the pipeline…

It’s Official–Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town goes to Lionsgate


For more, see the official press release through Reuters. Google “Ghost Town Lionsgate” to find the article picked up by: FOXBusiness, Business of Cinema, MSN, and other outlets.

In other news, Ghost Town brought home the award for Best Costumes and G.P.S won the WAB Best Action award at the Action on Film Festival. Thanks to the judges and wonderful audience at the festival.

DJ Perry @ Action on Film Festival Awards Ceremony

DJ Perry @ Action on Film Festival Awards Ceremony

CDI in California

The CDI tribe is in southern California this weekend for tonight’s screening of Ghost Town at the Action on Film Festival.  Following Ghost Town is G.P.S.–also starring CDI’s own DJ Perry.  What a way to kick off a festival!  Ghost Town has been nominated for Best Costumes, Best Special Effects – Feature, and Best Western.  We’re grateful for the recognition for our work and hope that the audience enjoys Ghost Town as much as we enjoyed making it!

In other news, we’ve been locking down our locations for Wild Michigan.  We did some location scouting in northern Michigan last weekend.  We met some wonderful people and saw some really beautiful places.  Special thanks go out to the Michigan Department of History, Arts & Libraries, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources staff.  We also enjoyed a seriously delicious broiled whitefish dinner, complete with fried Indian bread.  mmmmmm….  While it was a good trip, we are still determining which locations will best meet the logistical needs of the project.

Stay tuned for more on how Wild Michigan is coming together and our adventures at the Action on Film Festival.

Summer’s getting ready to heat up!

We’re just past the solstice and officially into summer. What will summer bring for CDI? For starters, it will bring a screening of Ghost Town at the Action on Film Festival in Pasadena, CA July 25. We’re making arrangements now to make sure key players will be at the festival. You can also expect an official announcement at the festival about Ghost Town’s October 2008 national distribution deal.

We’re also working on pre-production for Wild Michigan, aiming for a fall 2008 shoot. Where? You guessed it, our lovely home state of Michigan! More to come on that soon.

Not to be forgotten is our co-production with Scar Tissue Filmworks–Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan. We’re still actively in post-production on that project and some power players around the country are taking the first looks at the footage. We’re confident that a distribution package is forthcoming in the next several weeks.

Stay tuned, check out our updates, and drop us a line…

CDI goes international?

Welcome to the second month of 2008! It’s off to a great start for CDI. What’s new?

DJ Perry is in India, acting. True to form, DJ is working, relaxing, and working. While the project isn’t a CDI film, he’s making strong international contacts and says:

“Sanjeev and Dhiraj the owners of Golden Ticket Films and I have become great friends. Evenings talking about film production. . . Vivek [producer] joined us for several days and we have discussed the US distribution plans and the future of possible CDI and Golden Ticket projects. The cast and crew is truly international with an Italian DP, Austrian on-set editor, UK sound and make up departments and actors from Germany, America and of course India.”

In other international CDI news, Tony Hornus and his cameraman, Gregg McNeill have gotten permission from the Pentagon to be embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan for Tony’s “Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan” project.  Their window for deployment is sometime between Jan. 31 and Feb. 7.  They’ll be hitching a ride on an Air Force transport and will be in Afghanistan between 14-21 days.  Wish them well!

On the home front, there’s exciting news with Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town: The Movie.”  Just before DJ left for India in mid-January, the contract for domestic licensing and distribution was signed.  With whom?  We can’t tell you yet until the official PR release comes out through the distributor.  We CAN tell you that it’s the largest CDI distribution deal to date…

2008 is shaping up to be quite a year.  Stay warm and dry and keep coming back for more CDI news!