Incentives to Keep Springing Ahead

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and CDI's Anthony Hornus

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and CDI's Anthony Hornus

When Anthony Hornus (producer, writer, director, actor) talked with Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm a couple weeks ago at a Michigan Notable Authors event in Lansing, they had a chance to talk about the status (and future) of the film incentives.  Granholm reinforced what we’ve been hearing in the media lately — the incentives aren’t going anywhere under her watch.  As the state’s economy continues to struggle, one of the bright spots is the growth of the film industry right here in America’s heartland.  We’re happy to be a part of that growth.

We’ve got other good news coming in regarding the status of WILD MICHIGAN, but until things are finalized and official, we can’t say more than that.  We know, we know — we keep teasing you with updates that WILD MICHIGAN will soon be filming.  But, rest assured that things are in fact moving along and that a formal cast list and start date will be announced in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, FIGURE IN THE FOREST has enjoyed some late night show times on TBN despite being bumped out of its initial time slot due to scheduling changes at the network.  Isaac Hernandez at TBN Programming says, “FIGURE IN THE FOREST is a film that is sure to bring hope and peace to those who have experienced a tragic loss of a loved one and further appreciate the time we still have with those that are still with us.”

CDI’s Tribal Chief DJ Perry has also been busy with interviews related to multiple projects.  Check out his interview related to the May 5th release of the special edition of THE 8TH PLAGUE with First Fright — DJ Perry Has an Axe to Grind.  Another interview with 28 Days Later Analysis focuses on the March release of GPS — GPS: An Interview with DJ Perry But whatever you do, don’t miss the big interview with Rogue Cinema that covers a whole slew of projects!

So, stay tuned for more updates coming soon and don’t stop moving toward your goals.  They’re right there, at your fingertips, if you’ll only keep reaching for them.

It’s Official–Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town goes to Lionsgate


For more, see the official press release through Reuters. Google “Ghost Town Lionsgate” to find the article picked up by: FOXBusiness, Business of Cinema, MSN, and other outlets.

In other news, Ghost Town brought home the award for Best Costumes and G.P.S won the WAB Best Action award at the Action on Film Festival. Thanks to the judges and wonderful audience at the festival.

DJ Perry @ Action on Film Festival Awards Ceremony

DJ Perry @ Action on Film Festival Awards Ceremony

CDI in California

The CDI tribe is in southern California this weekend for tonight’s screening of Ghost Town at the Action on Film Festival.  Following Ghost Town is G.P.S.–also starring CDI’s own DJ Perry.  What a way to kick off a festival!  Ghost Town has been nominated for Best Costumes, Best Special Effects – Feature, and Best Western.  We’re grateful for the recognition for our work and hope that the audience enjoys Ghost Town as much as we enjoyed making it!

In other news, we’ve been locking down our locations for Wild Michigan.  We did some location scouting in northern Michigan last weekend.  We met some wonderful people and saw some really beautiful places.  Special thanks go out to the Michigan Department of History, Arts & Libraries, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources staff.  We also enjoyed a seriously delicious broiled whitefish dinner, complete with fried Indian bread.  mmmmmm….  While it was a good trip, we are still determining which locations will best meet the logistical needs of the project.

Stay tuned for more on how Wild Michigan is coming together and our adventures at the Action on Film Festival.