2016 First Half Recap

CDI Logo 2016

The new logo for 2016

CDI has had a productive year thus far – several films rolling out to the US/Canadian marketplace (“Donors,” “Ashes of Eden,” “Bestseller,” “40 Nights”). Some of them are now joining the iTUNES platform. The CDI associated thriller “Donors” starring Niki Saletta (7th Heaven) has been available on iTunes at


On June 7th, 2016 the biblical drama “40 Nights” starring DJ Perry, Rance Howard and Taymour Ghazi will join its soundtrack already on iTunes. The Michigan made intense thriller “Bestseller” starring Melissa Anschutz, DJ Perry and Ralph Lister is also releasing on June 7th to iTUNES and the soundtrack will release soon after.

40 Nights


40 Nights Soundtrack




“40 Nights” and the other films can also be purchased at Wal-Mart and other participating rental and retail outlets nationwide.

“Ashes of Eden”


The second film in THE QUEST TRILOGY entitled “Chasing the Star” is in editing with a scheduled Christmas 2016 theatrical release planned.



Finishing the Year at CDI

The 1st official teaser poster for "40 Nights"

The 1st official teaser poster for “40 Nights”

Official Trailer #1

It has been a very busy yet productive year here at Collective Development Inc. – Let’s look at some of the exciting updates.

– The horror/thriller “Donors” will release nationally on Feb. 2nd, 2016
– “Ashes of Eden” will worldwide release with Lightworx Entertainment on April 5th, 2016 after an exclusive run at Parables TV and the UpLifTV starting April 1st, 2016.
– The thriller “Bestseller” based upon Christopher Knight’s book has been playing theatre chains across the state of Michigan. It will continue to play theaters until it releases nationally on May 3rd, 2016.
– The associated CDI Sci-Fi film “Wasteland Tales from the desert Part 1” can be seen for FREE at https://vimeo.com/146707702
– The biggest news is we’re close to be done on the biblical-era film “40 Nights” – the 1st in the QUEST TRILOGY. The three films were signed for worldwide release with Lightworx Entertainment. The second one “Chasing the Star” will roll cameras 1st of the year once again in the Yuma, AZ area.

The 1st official teaser poster

The 1st official teaser poster

From ASHES to Snow

DJ Perry and Shane Hagedorn on the set of ASHES OF EDEN

DJ Perry and Shane Hagedorn on the set of ASHES OF EDEN

As we mentioned last time, CDI closed 2012 by wrapping the filming of an associated project ASHES OF EDEN. Post-production is moving smoothly. Check out the teaser here for a glimpse at what’s to come. It was fun filming here in our home state of Michigan. Portland, Ionia, and our home base city of Lansing were all locations and none of them disappointed us in front of or behind the camera.

It looks like 2013 will see our next project also filming right here in Michigan. We’re not ready to say more about it quite yet, but we are starting to look at some casting. Check out the information here under Work with CDI for details.

Another associated project that we hope you’ve been keeping an eye on is LOCKED IN A ROOM. In a test run, this thriller climbed to #12 on Google Play’s horror list. The official release date is March 7, so look for it through your favorite video on demand provider.

We also have a new release date for DARKEST NIGHT. In our last update, we listed it as March 22, 2013 .To accommodate a potential limited theatrical release, it has been pushed to July 24, 2013.

In non-movie news, a huge snow storm–and in some areas blizzard–has been making its way across the country. The local weather underestimated how much we would get, and this morning the ground was covered with a fresh fluffy blanket. If you have some (or a lot!) hopefully you are staying warm, driving safe, and maybe even finding some time to play in it. Winter’s going to end before we know it, and then we have another movie to make.

Capital City All-Star Motion Picture Team Up!

Shane Hagedorn

For Immediate Release – August 2012
Lansing, Michigan, USA

Three Lansing, Michigan area filmmakers join to produce ASHES OF EDEN, a dramatic feature length film. Writer and director Shane Hagedorn united two media powerhouse companies that have been making their mark on the national/international stage.

Ahptic Productions is a commercial giant in the Lansing area that boasts corporate clients like Audi, MTV, Wells Fargo and high profile clients such as Miley Cyrus and Nelly Furtado. Collective Development Inc. is a Lansing based motion picture company whose films have been released with major studios like Lionsgate, E1 and networks like ABC, NBC, Comcast, and TBN with six feature films coming out this year alone. Shane Hagedorn has produced and acted in other award winning films shot in Michigan. This is his second feature film as writer, director, and producer. He will also act in ASHES.

The film is in pre-production, with Ahptic co-owner and director of photography Dominic Cochran bringing his company’s state of the art production gear and his camera skills. Collective Development Inc. president DJ Perry is bringing his producing skill set and front of the camera talent. CDI has already brought interest from Fontana, a division of Universal Music, in the soundtrack. Perry, who has starred in nearly 50 films, is also pulling upon his international talent base to assist in casting and will set up the worldwide distribution. Shane Hagedorn has truly brought together the best of the best in Mid-Michigan and together Lansing will once again shine when ASHES OF EDEN rolls cameras this fall.

Deadly Renovations Coming August 21!

Exciting news for CDI co-productions here in the middle of the third quarter. We’ve been keeping you posted on the progress of DEADLY RENOVATIONS and are happy to announce that it will be released to rental and retail outlets on August 21! You can find it at Blockbuster, Hastings, and on Netflix. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now. Get movies somewhere else? Look for it there.  Want to read a review first? Check out this one on Alien Bee. (In case you missed it, catch CDI’s own DJ Perry in his recent interview too.)

Negotiations for distribution rights are underway for LOCKED IN A ROOM. Check out the trailer!

Our first internationally associated project, DARKEST NIGHT, is currently in talks for worldwide rights. A planned, pre-Christmas theatrical release is being set up in the Philippines and possibly other territories, such as South Korea. New CDI and GPI associated projects are in active development and we are looking forward to continuing to build our bridge between east and west audiences.

But, not all of the CDI work is far afield. An associated project that will shoot right here at home in Michigan is beginning pre-production. More details on that coming soon.

We’ll be back here with more updates soon, but until then, enjoy these summer days as we prepare to slide into 2012’s fourth quarter!

International Associated Production to Film in Philippines

The shortest month of the year is about to draw to a close, but it’s been a busy one! Politically, there has been a lot of buzz about Michigan’s “budget bombshell” and the uncertain future of the film industry here in the Great Lakes state. While that whirlwind has been going on around us, CDI has gotten some good news on a couple fronts. We are particularly excited to announce an associated production that will film in the Philippines in April, DARKEST NIGHT.

CDI will be handling the film’s marketing and distribution in North America and the U.K. Additionally, CEO DJ Perry will be playing the leading actor role. Gothic Productions International, a Philippine company funded by independent U.S. resources, will be producing the project. It will be directed by experienced Filipino director Noel Tan. Check out the official press release for additional details.

Noel Tan, Director, DARKEST NIGHT

On top of this associated project officially coming together this month, we’ve also been notified that OUTSIDE THE WIRE will be showing at multiple film festivals this year. It’s first appearance will be at the Cleveland International Film Festival. OUTSIDE THE WIRE will play March 29, 30 and 31. More info on additional festival appearances will be coming soon.

An Open Letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

CDI's DJ Perry

From DJ Perry, CEO of Collective Development Incorporated

Dear Governor Snyder,

I’m a lifelong resident of Michigan and have been CEO of the Lansing-based motion picture company Collective Development Inc. since 1996. I’m also an established actor, writer and producer who’s been taken as far as Costa Rica and even India in my endeavors. We’ve been making films for many years and have spent millions of dollars in communities across the country from Seattle, Washington to Little Rock, Arkansas to Maggie Valley, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia. And yes, we spent large sums of money in our own state economy way before any film incentives existed.

As a matter of fact, at one time most of the state filmmakers could be counted one hand. Michigan created an infrastructure based upon a commercial industry driven by Michigan manufacturing. But the creative industry known as show business consistently overlooked Michigan. The film office used to be one woman trying to draw business to Michigan off some sad incentive that made certain companies exempt from sales tax on hotel stays over 30 days. WOW!

Runaway production to Canada, who had the strongest film incentives for over a decade, was a reality in the industry until states like New Mexico, Louisiana and Michigan awoke to the realization that BIG money flows with and in the wake of the motion picture industry.  I’m not a politically active person but I respect those who take on civil service. Our state incentives came at the right time because we as business owners were being faced with difficult decisions where it was becoming downright irresponsible not to shoot our films elsewhere using incentives and rebates. That kind of thinking lead to creatively sad choices where movies like “Detroit Rock City” were shot from across the waters in Canada and left CDI considering shooting a western-era film entitled “Wild Michigan” in New Mexico.

In all the arguments I hear being thrown around for the pros and cons of the rebate and incentives program in Michigan, I notice that one major factor is being left out.  DREAMERS. This was the kind of individual that drove Michigan at one time as Michigan phased from one industry to another. David Ward, once the richest man in Michigan, was a lumber baron and part of the timber industry that put Michigan on the map. Later, men like Henry Ford created a new industry off horseless carriages. American record producer Berry Gordy put Michigan on the map for Motown and had someone created the right incentives at the right time perhaps that industry would have survived longer in Michigan. I’ll get to my point.

All the studies and numbers being thrown around as to just how much the movie industry brings into the local economy factors the employed cast, crew and services of any given motion picture. The dreamer’s gold rush, as I deem it, represents the huge number of artists and business people flooding into the state to seek work in the alluring entertainment industry. People rush to entertainment portals like California and NYC  to seek their fortunes and fame. A thousand people may audition for a role taken by one person. To factor just what a production company pays that person overlooks the “cost of doing business” of the other 999 people. They probably filled a car with gas, stopped at a breakfast place, paid city parking and went for drinks afterward to express their hopes and worries of an audition or interview.

I get a huge amount of emails from seekers of employment who have relocated to Michigan so they can try to work in their dream industry.   People have to pay the “day-to-day” expenses to live and this in turn helps drive up the surrounding economy. Many of the newly hired individuals in local businesses are the newly relocated dreaming of being that next actor, production designer or composer while working as a postal worker, waiter or fitness instructor. If Michigan continues to provide the incentives to attract these projects to our state, or in my company’s situation making it a responsible choice to remain in our state, the dreamers will continue to come.

What future stars will rise FROM Michigan’s talent pool is yet to be seen but I can tell you that Michigan boasts many stars that are FORMERLY FROM Michigan. Most of those stars left to spend their hard-earned cash in other economies that supported opportunity for these dreamers to live their dreams.

Certain unrealistic perceptions and shortsighted views held by some in this state will kill rather than create a new industry. Certain law makers helped clear the way for the emerging lumber industry where it was once said that a squirrel could travel from one side of the state to the other and never touch the ground. These same lawmakers were wise enough to slow when the ecosystem had been pushed far enough. Other lawmakers were wise enough to see the efforts of emerging inventors and their horseless carriages before another state did. Did Motown get the attention and state incentive support to remain in the Motor City? I saw a lack of vision by lawmakers to support new emerging industry in Michigan until recently with our aggressive film incentives.

The entertainment industry continues to grow year after year. In times of economic downturn, entertainment escapism such as movies will remain high or even grow. The fact that we (as a state) have an opportunity to invest in a recession-proof industry is amazing. However, for those in independent film, the industry has seen financing shrink since the fall of 2008 and for many, projects  have been harder to get off the ground. As the economy is improving, now is not the time to cut the incentives. The state has only just begun to see the impact the incentives can have on our economy.

The fact that a few loud voices cry out against such a pattern of growth shows me that wisdom does not exist in government as it once did at least in regards to the nurturing of innovative and emerging industry. Had Michigan’s lawmakers let some other state outbid it in the early stages of the auto industry maybe Virginia could have been the car capital of the world. Maybe Motown would have been O-Town taking root in some Ohio town. I think you get the point I’m making.

We are going to keep making movies wherever it makes the most sense. I’ve decided to keep Michigan my home because it is a beautiful state with the finest folks. As a businessman and company we can easily be responsible and travel to whatever state makes sense. I would like to see that be our own state and I know many, many people who also love to see Michigan continue to nurture our new industry.

I’m told you are a good man who might listen to some reason on this subject so I’ve taken the time to write you my thoughts. I don’t like to see the state suffer and I’ve fought the backwater reputation some people have tried to pin on Michigan. We need to have government officials that work with the visionary dreamers. It is that relationship that this great state was built upon.  We’ve seen industry wax and wane through the years and grow through several incarnations as new opportunity presented itself. This foundation of a new industry needs to be embraced and not fought against. Especially by folks who need to take ten steps back and look at a bigger picture. Michigan grew from the wilderness it once was by leadership. That is what is required now as Michigan once again finds itself in an economic wilderness. It needs trailblazers. Is that you Rick? Perhaps. I hope I’ve presented this in the best way I know how. I wish you much success on your journey. Seek wisdom.

DJ Perry, CEO
Collective Development Incorporated

“The man who has no imagination has no wings”
– Muhammad Ali

For more ramblings from DJ, check out his blog Clawing My Way to the Middle.