Welcome, Winter!

Director Robert Gwinn, Co-Star Shawn Rougeron, and DJ Perry at the RENOVATION premiere

It’s finally really snowing here in Michigan and we’re taking time to catch up and let all of you know what we’ve been up to the last few months.

CDI was hired in October by our associate Jim Leggett to produce the horror feature SILVER LAKE.  That project kept us busy for almost a month–some filming was completed and the remaining portions will be filmed in 2011. DJ and Tony Hornus both took a short break during production to attend the RENOVATION premiere in Yuma.

In early November, almost immediately after coming home from the SILVER LAKE shoot, DJ was on his way to Las Vegas for a co-starring role in a film shooting there. Since he returned home just before Thanksgiving, he and the rest of the CDI tribe have been focusing on other fronts.

Co-productions continue to move ahead.  Both RENOVATION and OUTSIDE THE WIRE will be sent out to distributors after the first of the year. A few festival screenings prior to release are a definite possibility for both movies.  LOCKED IN A ROOM is in final audio post-production but first looks are powerful and haunting.

We’ve also been firing up our commercial division and are producing promotional pieces for a few new clients. It’s a fun change of pace for our creative team.

Our newly mastered HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST are being held because of an opportunity to release with a major studio. Stay tuned for that announcement after the first of the year.

In the meantime, we’re wishing you and yours a very merry holiday season.

CDI’s fall harvest

Renovation PosterThe fall harvest may just be upon us as several projects come to a point of fruition. While we celebrate the September release of  HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST, we are also looking forward to the October 23 premiere of CDI co-production RENOVATION. CDI tribal chiefs DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Anthony Hornus can each be seen in the film and will be in Yuma, AZ to attend the premiere events.

Our other recent co-production LOCKED IN A ROOM recently completed a pick-up shoot and is rumored to be screening at AFM (American Film Market).

On another front, the CDI production team will be together this week for a look at the final cut of OUTSIDE THE WIRE. Stay tuned for more on that project as it moves to the next step.

New Releases

DJ Perry & Dean Teaster in HEAVEN'S NEIGHBORS

DJ Perry & Dean Teaster in HEAVEN'S NEIGHBORS

Another announcement. . . Two dramas from the CDI vault will get a wide DVD release. FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS will have US distribution via Triumphant Entertainment International through their E1 output. They released BLOOD TIES and AN ORDINARY KILLER in Oct. 09. FIGURE has started to find an audience after being licensed to TBN last year but this will be the 1st wide DVD release for the two films.  Look for new websites, trailers and a July release for the two films.

Mary Jo Cuppone as Rita James in FIGURE IN THE FOREST

Mary Jo Cuppone as Rita James in FIGURE IN THE FOREST

In an odd coincidence in timing earlier this week, our own Dean Teaster met a fan who found FIGURE and watches the film regularly to help her cope with the loss of her own child.  That’s some powerful feedback!  While dramas might not be an easy genre for filmmakers to get into the marketplace early in their careers, they are often more satisfying to produce.  Congratulations to all the artists associated with those two films. In particular, big congrats to Jeff Kennedy who directed them both and is slated to direct WILD MICHIGAN this year.

What? Did we just say WILD MICHIGAN?  Yes, we did, but we’re not going to say more right now.  After the negative turn of events when we were ready to go into production in the fall of 2008, we’re not going to say too much too soon.  However, we are making progress in getting legs back under this film and hope to make a formal announcement sometime before the middle of the year.

In other news, CDI co-production LOCKED IN A ROOM is rolling camera!  RENOVATION has been quietly progressing in post and after seeing the rough trailer and the color correct tests we are sure the finished trailer and new website will be worth the wait. Our doc film OUTSIDE THE WIRE has had Tony Hornus hard at work on voice over.

Part of the CDI team will be on the set of LOCKED IN A ROOM tonight, so it’s time to get ready for that.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for checking in with CDI.

At work in Yuma

Renovation Poster What’s in Yuma?  CDI!  We’re currently filming the thriller RENOVATION in association with Pisaeno Productions and Rampant Entertainment.  DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Tony Hornus are all contributing their acting talents, and if you know DJ, you know that he’s almost always producing. It’s a movie-making adventure in Arizona!

We know, we know, we’ve been pretty quiet the last few months.  Never fear, we’re still here and making progress on many fronts.  More updates soon…  (And if you’re into fear, RENOVATION is going to be right up your alley.)

Incentives to Keep Springing Ahead

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and CDI's Anthony Hornus

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and CDI's Anthony Hornus

When Anthony Hornus (producer, writer, director, actor) talked with Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm a couple weeks ago at a Michigan Notable Authors event in Lansing, they had a chance to talk about the status (and future) of the film incentives.  Granholm reinforced what we’ve been hearing in the media lately — the incentives aren’t going anywhere under her watch.  As the state’s economy continues to struggle, one of the bright spots is the growth of the film industry right here in America’s heartland.  We’re happy to be a part of that growth.

We’ve got other good news coming in regarding the status of WILD MICHIGAN, but until things are finalized and official, we can’t say more than that.  We know, we know — we keep teasing you with updates that WILD MICHIGAN will soon be filming.  But, rest assured that things are in fact moving along and that a formal cast list and start date will be announced in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, FIGURE IN THE FOREST has enjoyed some late night show times on TBN despite being bumped out of its initial time slot due to scheduling changes at the network.  Isaac Hernandez at TBN Programming says, “FIGURE IN THE FOREST is a film that is sure to bring hope and peace to those who have experienced a tragic loss of a loved one and further appreciate the time we still have with those that are still with us.”

CDI’s Tribal Chief DJ Perry has also been busy with interviews related to multiple projects.  Check out his interview related to the May 5th release of the special edition of THE 8TH PLAGUE with First Fright — DJ Perry Has an Axe to Grind.  Another interview with 28 Days Later Analysis focuses on the March release of GPS — GPS: An Interview with DJ Perry But whatever you do, don’t miss the big interview with Rogue Cinema that covers a whole slew of projects!

So, stay tuned for more updates coming soon and don’t stop moving toward your goals.  They’re right there, at your fingertips, if you’ll only keep reaching for them.

Springing into ACTION!

That’s right, spring is in the air and that means new growth is everywhere, including here at CDI. We’re in the studio working on post-production for Director Tony Hornus’s Afghanistan project “Outside the Wire.” The footage continues to amaze us every day and we can’t wait to for all of you to see it. (May 8 Update: If you’re interested in knowing more about “Outside the Wire,” please see our Executive Summary.) We’re also hard at work on pre-production for “Wild Michigan.” With the new Michigan film incentives, we’re confident the film industry here in our home base will contribute to significant growth in the region and industry alike.

Keep coming back, and leave comments for us if you’re interested. We’d like to hear from you. For now, here’s a peek at Tony’s trip to Afghanistan.

CDI goes international?

Welcome to the second month of 2008! It’s off to a great start for CDI. What’s new?

DJ Perry is in India, acting. True to form, DJ is working, relaxing, and working. While the project isn’t a CDI film, he’s making strong international contacts and says:

“Sanjeev and Dhiraj the owners of Golden Ticket Films and I have become great friends. Evenings talking about film production. . . Vivek [producer] joined us for several days and we have discussed the US distribution plans and the future of possible CDI and Golden Ticket projects. The cast and crew is truly international with an Italian DP, Austrian on-set editor, UK sound and make up departments and actors from Germany, America and of course India.”

In other international CDI news, Tony Hornus and his cameraman, Gregg McNeill have gotten permission from the Pentagon to be embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan for Tony’s “Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan” project.  Their window for deployment is sometime between Jan. 31 and Feb. 7.  They’ll be hitching a ride on an Air Force transport and will be in Afghanistan between 14-21 days.  Wish them well!

On the home front, there’s exciting news with Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town: The Movie.”  Just before DJ left for India in mid-January, the contract for domestic licensing and distribution was signed.  With whom?  We can’t tell you yet until the official PR release comes out through the distributor.  We CAN tell you that it’s the largest CDI distribution deal to date…

2008 is shaping up to be quite a year.  Stay warm and dry and keep coming back for more CDI news!