Hitting the Ground Running

U.S. Air Force Colonel Victor Kuchar helping an Afghan man into a new jacketWelcome to the new year! The annual CDI holiday party fell on New Year’s Eve so we had a chance to ring in the new year with old and new friends alike. In the last week, we’ve hit the ground running in 2011. An updated version of the Executive Summary for OUTSIDE THE WIRE is completed and on its way to key distribution contacts.

“This is the war you won’t see on network news. It’s the truly heartwarming story of U.S. soldiers bringing relief aid to children, widows and refugees living in the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan. Despite living ‘Outside the Wire,’ these children will charm you with their smiles, laughter and eternal optimism. An inspiring story of a grass roots effort and some very brave soldiers trying to bring these children a better tomorrow.”

W. Clark Bunting, President and General Manager, The Discovery Channel

In addition to progress on that project, final notes have been sent over for RENOVATION, which will have a theatrical release in Yuma, AZ in March. We are also looking at screenings in Las Vegas, and possibly here in Michigan.

We are also continuing to explore taking on new projects, moving forward on projects already in play, and making new contacts and connections that will make 2011 a successful year. Good luck to everyone in making 2011 a great year for all.

CDI’s fall harvest

Renovation PosterThe fall harvest may just be upon us as several projects come to a point of fruition. While we celebrate the September release of  HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST, we are also looking forward to the October 23 premiere of CDI co-production RENOVATION. CDI tribal chiefs DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Anthony Hornus can each be seen in the film and will be in Yuma, AZ to attend the premiere events.

Our other recent co-production LOCKED IN A ROOM recently completed a pick-up shoot and is rumored to be screening at AFM (American Film Market).

On another front, the CDI production team will be together this week for a look at the final cut of OUTSIDE THE WIRE. Stay tuned for more on that project as it moves to the next step.

No Spring Break Here

A couple of quick updates on some projects we’ve been talking about in recent weeks…  CDI’s co-production RENOVATION has been progressing in post-production since we wrapped in Yuma, AZ back in November.  Check out the trailer that just went live today!  More will be added to the site soon, but this is a great first look.

autumn leaves and empty bench from FIGURE IN THE FOREST


CDI is also happy to announce an official first-look deal for CDI’s domestic distribution through Triumphant Entertainment. On a related front, we recently got the official street date for the wide DVD release of FIGURE IN THE FOREST (Aug. 10) and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS (Aug. 27) — mark your calendars!  FIGURE IN THE FOREST will also be playing again on TBN: March 16, 2-3:30 a.m.  (EST).  Yes, that’s right, we said A.M.  For those of you on EST like we are in Michigan, you might need to bust out the TiVo or set an alarm if you’re not a night owl.

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Filming continues to progress on LOCKED IN A ROOM, a co-production with At Risk Entertainment. It’s been an exciting experience shooting in our own backyard again.  We’re looking forward to more Michigan productions and staying close to home whenever we can.

At work in Yuma

Renovation Poster What’s in Yuma?  CDI!  We’re currently filming the thriller RENOVATION in association with Pisaeno Productions and Rampant Entertainment.  DJ Perry, Dean Teaster and Tony Hornus are all contributing their acting talents, and if you know DJ, you know that he’s almost always producing. It’s a movie-making adventure in Arizona!

We know, we know, we’ve been pretty quiet the last few months.  Never fear, we’re still here and making progress on many fronts.  More updates soon…  (And if you’re into fear, RENOVATION is going to be right up your alley.)